Online GDPR Training Portal | InfoLore Ltd

We have some very exciting news here at InfoLore HQ… we are launching a new training portal very soon!

What does this mean for you?

This training portal is something we have been working on in the background for some time now, so we are very excited to be ready to launch it to the world. With the current climate that we are in, it will be the perfect opportunity to deliver our GDPR workshops online as opposed to within a classroom.

Advantages of online training

Where do we start with this?! There are a whole host of advantages of completing GDPR training online, but here are the ones we think are the most important:

  • Reduced disruption to your business
  • No travel costs incurred
  • Can be completed in the comfort of your own home
  • The courses can be taken any time
  • You can learn at your own individual speed
  • Easy to access via a laptop, PC or tablet with an internet connection

Video-based training

Of course we will miss seeing your faces and learning all about your businesses, but we find video-based learning is actually more interactive. Providing a more effective learning experience, particularly with the tests at the end of each section. Now you can’t get away with sitting at the back of the classroom pretending you are paying attention!

We are working very hard to get this exciting new online GDPR learning system live, please keep an eye on our website and LinkedIn page for further information.