GDPR Crisis Management

Brand reputation is everything. Think about the recent data breaches which have been reported in the press: O2, Bupa, Marriott, and more local ones such as NE Lincolnshire which not only incurred fines but also staff resignation, and unwanted press coverage. It is essential that you have a GDPR crisis management system in place, should the worst happen.

You’ve done all that you can to be GDPR compliant, however something still slips through the net either due to human error or maybe a hacker or deliberate theft. Maybe you didn’t have an extensive GDPR audit to see where there were issues with the business.

Dealing with the ICO is one thing and will probably be traumatic enough. However, the surrounding publicity may just compound the matter …. Your reputation, your business. Without strict data protection policies in place you could be putting your entire business at risk.

What is a GDPR crisis?

A GDPR crisis can include a data breach or incident involving personal data. This can be anything from losing a work laptop which holds data, or the inappropriate sharing of data to a third party.

Responding to data subject rights can also fall under the ‘crisis’ umbrella. You must respond to a GDPR breach in a timely fashion. Whether a data subject requests the rectification or erasure of their personal data.

How we can help

We work with a GDPR crisis management response team who can prepare and train your people for any data breach circumstance.

Additionally they would be available to be on hand, to help you and your business cope with the direct impact and aftermath on re-building your brand after a GDPR breach. Contact us today to see how you can protect your business from the GDPR.