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Cyber Threats are many, let’s consider these in relation to your travelling and holidays.

As we are getting closer to the season of travel and holidays, I thought a few words about Cyber Threats and data protection whilst travelling might be useful. Here are some simple steps which will enable you to feel more confident in using the internet at various airports, train stations, hotels and eating houses and, of course, when stranded during long transfers or cancelled flights.

How big; how small, what exactly are Cyber Threats?

First, a word of warning, Public Wireless Connections are NOT secure…yes, NOT secure…

Almost all wireless networks in airports allow sensitive details such as usernames and passwords to be read by anybody. Hotels and other accommodation where you wish to stay may also be unsafe.

Phoney wireless hotspots are rampant. They exist to trick travellers into connecting to them and are mostly used for stealing your identity and your passwords.

Let’s be clear, phoney wireless hotspots want to steal your identity; they want to steal your laptop, mobile, iPad / tablets, storage devices and, when you connect to the wireless network, your passwords and log in details. Data protection is a key factor to consider in these instances.

Here’s the remedy.

For your handheld equipment, choose a rucksack with hidden zips and pockets on the inside rather than those facing the person behind you.

Alternatively, you can lock up your backpack like this:

Cable lock: great for securing your bag to an immobile object like a bed.
eXomesh: Pacsafe makes a great product called eXomesh, a slash proof steel net to place your bag in when locking it up.
Locker: sometimes the simplest solution is also the best.

Regarding wireless connections, choose a suitable VPN App. These are free or paid for – it’s your choice, but here is why you should consider a VPN:

Guide to Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) when travelling

It protects all of your internet traffic, including emails, voice calls, videos, and music.
A VPN is essentially a private network that only you can access, so there’s no risk of theft or a data breach.

Go and enjoy your travels, wherever they be. This is your time to relax and enjoy the benefits of today’s travel, and if you follow the above, have a little more peace of mind.


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