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This is something that clients seem unsure about. Just when you think you know it, there is another thing to add to the list.  So, what is Personal Identity Data or Personal Identity Information?  Our experts at data protection in Lincolnshire have put together a blog post to clarify this for you.

High risk data get its name because it enables a criminal to carry out fraudulent acts. This data includes documents containing photos, personal information and signatures, such as your driving licence and your Passport and Visas.

A simple but significant list for you to consider:

  • passport – very high risk
  • visa application form – very high risk
  • photographic driving licence – very high risk
  • racial or ethnic origin – very high risk
  • political opinions – very high risk
  • religious beliefs – very high risk
  • member of a Trade Union – very high risk
  • sexual life / gender identity – very high risk
  • National Insurance (NI) number – low risk
  • photographic security passes – risk depends on the information contained within
  • personal financial data
    • the financial organisation – low risk
    • account details – high risk
    • passwords to access account details – very high risk

Here’s a common example. You apply for employment and the HR department ask for a digital scan of your passport, which as you can see, is high risk. Handing over your passport for this reason is not a good idea. The data controller (in this case, your potential new employer) shouldn’t hold personal data as digital scans but they commonly do so without any consideration of your rights and freedoms.

Data protection in Lincolnshire

We all collect personal data, both as employees and clients but do you have the system in place to manage how, and what, you collect? Is it robust? Would you be happy with your firm managing your personal data? Our expert data protection in Lincolnshire team are here to help.

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